A Southern Grace: there's no place like home

March 24, 2008

there's no place like home


I hopped on a plane and went home for Easter weekend. I didn't realize just how much I missed those goobers also known as my family until two of them rolled up to the curb to pick me up from the airport.

I got in half an hour early, but that was okay--it gave me a chance to sit and bask in the sunshine WITHOUT A COAT. Oh, Virginia, how I've missed you and your mild weather.

It was lunchtime, so the three of us (Mammalicious, Lil Bro, and I) cruised over to TGI Friday's for some grub. As you probably know by now, I have a tendency to morph into Goldilocks when I eat out. Lil Bro says my expectations are too high, but he's a self-proclaimed "baby bear."

I've never been disappointed by TGI Friday's; I guess there's a reason you should never say never. My first inkling of a less-than-satisfactory meal came when Lil Bro received his side salad (if you can call it that). It was composed of about 10 pieces of lettuce, one crouton, a quarter-sized sprinkling of cheese, and two or three cherry tomatoes. It was just pathetic.

For my entree, I chose the California Club Sandwich (I guess I'm wishing I was still in CA...), which sounded great--avocado (yum!), turkey, ham, jack cheese, tomato, and lettuce on ciabatta, how could you go wrong? They managed. The amount of avocado on my sandwich cannot even been considered a dollop. Not a smear. Honestly, it looked like someone with a head cold had sneezed into their hand and wiped their palm on my bread. No thank you. The meat consisted of a very thin slice of ham and two very thin slices of turkey. The bread was stale. I was thoroughly disappointed. Mamster and Lil Bro were satisfied though, so maybe my standards are indeed too high.

Moving on.

We had our Easter meal on Saturday since my flight back to NY was mid-Sunday. All my grandparents came over to our house, and it was so terrific to see them. They dote on me. :)

We had wonderful food for every meal--Friday dinner was brown-sugar basted ham, sweet potato casserole (you know it!), fresh steamed broccoli, and sourdough wheat rolls with the help of Eb's ancestor (Mammicus refuses to name her starter).

Easter lunch was rotisserie turkey...

...my special baked beans...

...my grandma's green beans...

...fresh pineapple, so juicy and luscious...


...and Mammacita's favorite--scalloped potatoes:

It took a double team to carve up that beastie of a turkey:

Big Bro and his wife provided musical entertainment--she's extremely talented and he's becoming quite an adept guitar player. He's also a blossoming bread maker:

Mammy gave him a cup of starter (which he'd better suitably name) so he can make his very own sourdough back at his home in NC.

I had a great trip, and it was over all too soon. There really is no place like home.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great party...wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. I can't believe we were *this* close to each other & I didn't get to see you!! I'm holding back my sobs. ... Really, I don't know how you could have squeezed it in, so I promise I'm not offended, just sad!!! I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Well, for one, I do not think you are too picky...and two...after your description I may never look at avocado's on my sandwich the same way ever again! (nobody sneeze near my avocado)

LyB said...

Lucky you! Well, maybe not the avocado part, ahem. We were supposed to visit my parents for Easter but the roads were closed due to a snow storm. Yes, in March, ugh. Will the snow ever stop?!