A Southern Grace: snow and skewers

March 28, 2008

snow and skewers


Snow. Boo.

I thought I was done wreaking havoc on my steering wheel with my iron grip, but no. It's not over yet.

When I left this morning, I secretly hoped that my new, freshly-installed NY license plates would magically enable me to properly drive in these conditions, but no. There's no magic here.

Another stinker is the fact that, even though I just got one headlight replaced on Tuesday, the other one is now out. Perhaps the service center just swapped the bulbs.

One more gripe: Just when I thought I was in love with Hannaford, scandal erupts. Fortunately, my credit card company is right on top of things and has already given me a new account number. Ironically, I've finally memorized my current account number.

Sigh. At least there's one good thing about today. It's National Something on a Stick Day. My skewered item-of-choice is the shish kebab, preferably served with a perfectly puffed pita and some hummus.

If for some reason (such as relentless snow) I were unable to obtain this delightful combination or the ingredients to make my own, I would settle for the one and only tornado potato:

Of course, chances are slim that I could get to one of those, either.


Anonymous said...

I've just finished reading through all your past postings and have to say I really enjoy your blog! I know the "joy" of moving and your first few postings really were close to home for me. (hehe) It sounds like you're thriving in your new town. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading more. :o)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, SNOW? It's a bit cold here today but that means it's like.....60 (don't hurt me :)
The flowering trees here are so confused.

Emily said...

I hope that's the last of the snow.
Hooray for foods on a stick! That potato creation is something else.

Anonymous said...

Those pitas ARE perfectly puffed! Thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciated. Yours looks great. I like your writing :)

Cakespy said...

Seriously, what was up with that snow!? I want spring, dammit!