A Southern Grace: taste & create vii--they call me tater...cupcake?

March 20, 2008

taste & create vii--they call me tater...cupcake?


Grandma’s influence strikes again!

Whenever we have a holiday or birthday meal, we always assign my grandmother to bring her sweet potato casserole. It’s magnificent. Perhaps it’s the pineapple mixed with the sweet potatoes, or perhaps it’s the coconut and pecans in the streusel topping (no marshmallows here, folks). Either way, it’s like candy to me and it usually takes up more than a quarter of my plate. If you saw the other foods in the spread we usually have, you’d realize that this is saying a lot for them good ol' taters.

My belabored point is that I love sweet potato casserole. Many moons ago (last October, to be exact), as I was scanning some of my favorite blogs (Cupcake Project, to be exact), I happened upon an interesting recipe. In fact, I did a double-take. Sweet potato casserole...cupcakes? Why, yes, yes it was. Hmm. I bookmarked the recipe, adding it to the abyss of recipes I’d like to try, and promptly forgot about it.

Twas fate, my friends, which brought that recipe to my attention again. I've been paired Stef from Cupcake Project for Taste & Create VII.

Although she has many, many amazing, unique, and incredible cupcake recipes, I clearly had to pick the Sweet Potato Casserole Cupcakes.

[I feel a bit guilty that I only have about 15 recipes posted on my site, most of which involve a sourdough starter. Sorry Stef!]

What did I think? These. Were. Breathtaking.

*I used pureed sweet potatoes from my grandpa's garden, which explains why mine are a little lighter in color than Stef's, who used canned puree.
*I skipped the filling. I know, I know--I'm a slacker.
*I used about twice as much icing as Stef, but I'm a professed icing girl. Plus, it happened to be one of the most wonderful icings I've ever eaten, so that might've had something to do with it. Me like caramel.
*In an attempt to make these more like Grandma's casserole, I added some coconut on top. Others I topped with glazed walnuts. (I liked the coconut ones better.)
*Cupcakes are not my forte, so I don't own any cups or even a tin pan. I used my silicone muffin pans instead, so that's why there're no festive paper liners to be seen.

This is a top-notch recipe, and I'd like to give Stef a hearty pat on the back for coming up with it. Nicely done, milady! Keep up the good work!


Stef said...

Wow! I'm so glad you liked the cupcakes so much! I'm so jealous of your access to homegrown sweet potatoes. Thanks so much for all the props. You're so sweet!
Here is my post about your quinoa:

LyB said...

My those look good! I'm an icing girl too so twice the icing sounds just perfect!

Emily said...

I give them the thumbs up, too. Great job. I love all of these flavors together. And I love sweet potatoes. Mmmm...gargle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! I just bought a 10lb box of sweet potatoes from Costco (why?!?!?). Now I have a new recipe for at least 3 of those. Beautiful presentation too!

xoxox Amy

Rita Sella said...

looks yum and beautiful in presentation ^_^