A Southern Grace: sit still! #ToPetsWithLove

November 3, 2016

sit still! #ToPetsWithLove


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Have you ever tried to get your dog to pose for a picture? It's a comical and most often fruitless endeavor.

Marleau is part of our family now, and as such, he deserves to be on our Christmas card (especially since my husband and I both dislike approximately 99% of all pictures ever taken of us). Although I suppose it's frowned upon in some circles, we often bribe that pesky pup with treats to get him to do the things that we want him to do, and that was my plan of attack* here.

*A plan of attack is most definitely required with this dog.

Like all dogs, Marleau has his favorite treats, and luckily for me, I can get them at my local Harris Teeter! They have everything from food to treats to toys, and that means I can take care of my dog's needs while grocery shopping for my own!

Purina has a range of products that can satisfy all of our buddy's needs with quality products designed specifically for owners like us. Beneful dry dog food is better than ever because they've reformulated their original products since many pet owners are demanding recognizable ingredients of high quality.

More important points:
*Many dog owners believe that meat as the first ingredient is increasingly important when shopping for dry dog food, which is why real meat is now the #1 ingredient in Beneful’s beef and chicken dry foods.
*Because the brand is updating ingredients to offer what dog owners are asking for, they're also excluding what they don’t want--there’s no added sugar in any of the new Beneful dry food recipes. That's good for me, because Marleau certainly doesn't need any more excitable energy!
*Whole grains and accents of vegetables are blended to perfection in a mix of tender and crunchy bites that give an adult dog 100% nutrition and a taste he’ll love.

The treats are loved by Marleau and approved by us. The Beggin’ Strips smell like bacon and taste like bacon for one good reason: They’re made with real bacon. Busy Dog Treats give your dog a long-lasting munchie that'll keep him busy and happy this holiday season, and that's the truth--we usually get about 20-30 minutes of peace when he's into one of those.

So, here's how Project Christmas Card Photo 2016 went for my family. There were some guidelines:

**My husband insisted that no props be used--reindeer antlers, Santa hats, or sweaters could not be used lest they make Marleau "feel humiliated" (his words).
**We used a picture of Marleau covered in mud last year, so he would need to be clean for this one.
**I wanted his beautiful eyes on the camera and not looking into the distance.
**I didn't want any of the ever-present house clutter in the scene.

The only time our dog is really sitting still is when he's sleeping. Case in point:

It took some serious bribery to get him to look at the camera AND sit still, and those Busy treats really came in handy. I learned that if I rested one on top of the camera, he wouldn't take his eyes off of it! So there you go, folks--my advice to you if you want to have your dog pose for a picture is to distract and bribe the beast until you get a good one!*** For more information about Purina dog foods and treats, look no further than this link!

***Not to be taken as professional veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.

So do you want to see the final, approved-by-all shot? Here it is, I think it's incredibly sweet:

Spread holiday love to your furry friends with the help of Purina! Now through the end of November, take advantage of great savings on your favorite Purina pet products available at Kroger with this Coupons.com link, while supplies last.


Angie's Recipes said...

Sweet, playful and adorable...Marleau now is a big handsome boy :-))

Summer said...

Cute ♥

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

What an adorable Christmas card, Marleau is adorable!

Marjie said...

Your Christmas card is adorable! That bribery paid off. You don't really know, but can probably guess, how many bribes and pictures went into getting those 4 measley shots of Bebop in his Halloween helmet. I"m glad Purina helped you.

Marjie said...

Oh, and that could be a commercially made Christmas card, it's that cute. Just sayin'.

Momma Told Me said...

Your holiday photos turned out great, it is very sweet indeed! #client

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

Awwww... Picture perfect! I do seriously feel your pain in trying to get our four legged friends to sit still AND look right at you. They do it so well until the camera comes out, then it's all over!

Barbara said...

Love ALL the photos, Grace. Marleau has such a great face. The card turned out perfectly!

Katerina said...

Marleau is a sweetheart and your Christmas card is all the money!

Beth said...

I love your card! Marleau is just adorable.

Pam said...

Marleau is so beautiful and I LOVE the Christmas card.

I love how much our pups look alike... Marleau reminds me so much of my Grace!

Kate @ Framed Cooks said...

Marleau!! Dixie sends puppy love to you from NJ, and thinks your Christmas card is perfection. :)

Carolyn Jung said...

He's a beaut! And hey, if he always did everything you asked, life just wouldn't be so fun, right? ;)

scrambledhenfruit said...

Awww...such a sweetie! :)