A Southern Grace: making mischief and memories #BigGPets #ad

July 18, 2016

making mischief and memories #BigGPets #ad


We were starting to consider leaving Marleau out of his crate in our absence for short stints, like when we pop out to the store or even when we go to bed. This was in the hope that we could eventually only put him in there when we traveled.

Then he pulled a place mat with a glass sitting on it off the dinner table when we were in the next room and we decided he wasn't quite ready.

There's no question Marleau would get into some kind of trouble if we left him alone during the day. However, unlike the animals in the new film The Secret Life of Pets, he doesn't have a gang of other critters with which to cause mischief.

How you doin'?

In partnership with The Secret Life of Pets, specially marked boxes of General Mills Big G Cereals (Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheerios Multi Grain, Lucky Charms, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs, to be specific) will feature free character collectibles, including: Max the pampered terrier mix, Duke the massive mutt, Snowball the leader of the flushed pets, Buddy the sarcastic dachshund, Gidget the naïve but gutsy Pomeranian, and Chloe the fat cat.


On shelves at retailers nationwide now while supplies last, General Mills Big G Cereals is offering you an opportunity to feature all of the limited edition PETS collectibles pictured below and create a custom DIY pet house! Speaking of Buddy, if you like dachshunds (and even if you feel ambivalent about them), check out this video from a recent red carpet event! Our dog would be out of control in that situation.

Realistically and generally speaking, when Marleau is left to his own devices, he'll either a)sleep, b)chew on our rugs or his toys, or c)dig. Since only one of those is acceptable (maybe two), we try to keep an eye or ear on him at all times.

We've actually tossed around the idea of building a dog house and letting him hang out outside during the night, but he is SUCH a barker. I really value my sleep time, so until we get that barking in check, the dog house is on hold. He can play with my masterpiece here in the mean time:


We certainly don't claim to be good at training dogs, and we're learning as we go. As long as he doesn't go so far as to knock my bowl of Lucky Charms out of my hands, I can be very tolerant.

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