A Southern Grace: all things pink and red

February 3, 2016

all things pink and red


Is it February again already?

I guess I'll go ahead and acknowledge Valentine's Day, for it is a food-friendly "holiday," after all. Sweets > flowers, always and forever, and here are some selections for you:

Cherry pie cupcakes, because the cupcake craze must never fully die!

Peach apple cranberry crisp, but only a la mode, if you please:

Red hots fudge is unexpectedly tasty and fun:

This peppermint pattie cake is blushing:

Three from the old days, pink velvet cupcakes, pink cake pigs balls, and strawberry cheesecake cupcakes:

My favorite Valentine's Day creation to date, meringues:

Another oldie but goodie that deserves a remake, white chocolate layer cake:

Not-so-trifling cherry almond trifle:

And to finish, a lovely raspberry swirl cheesecake:

Eat, drink, relax, repeat!