A Southern Grace: spring cleaning (for real) #OXOSpringCleaning

April 15, 2015

spring cleaning (for real) #OXOSpringCleaning


I know it's not quite a natural progression* to move from a post about sloppy joes to a review of products meant for bathroom cleaning, but I do like to surprise you folks from time to time.

*And though a connection can be made, I think I'll avoid going there...except to say that Kramer's misadventures in this episode of Seinfeld disgust me greatly. It might be the only episode I can't watch over and over again.

If there's one thing** about myself that could use some work, it's my cleaning habits. While I like order, organization, and a general tidiness about the house, I can barely force myself to do any sort of scrubbing, scouring, or sanitizing in any room except the kitchen. I dread vacuuming for reasons unknown and think of dusting as an absolute chore. Even as I write this, I'm wondering why I have such a problem with these simple tasks, but I do and that flat-out needs to change.

**One thing? More like 101.

OXO has SO many amazing products that can aid in these cleaning endeavors. They're designed to make these easy but annoying tasks even more effortless and, dare I say it, kind of fun. I received a bathroom cleaning kit from them, and I'd like to tell you about three of my favorite products. First of all, if you have a glass door on your shower, you need one of these Wiper Blade Squeegees. Unless you like the look of water marks (I won't judge), you just slide the blade down or across the door until all the droplets have fallen and just like that, no streaks or stains.

OXO's Toothbrush Holder is terrific too. Some say that every time the toilet flushes, microscopic critters and contaminants are sprayed into the air, and whether it's true or not, the very thought of fecal matter on my toothbrush is enough to convince me to cover it. This holder is properly ventilated, sleek in appearance, and easy to use.

Cleaning the shower is nearly as repulsive to me as cleaning the toilet, but this Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber makes short work of it. The head pivots for easy cleaning at different angles, so you can actually use it all over the bathroom. I wouldn't then use it in the kitchen, though. Just for the record.

So you see? With the right tools, no job is too big or too gross. I'll spare you the before and after pictures of our bathrooms. Just rest assured that they look much better now. Thanks, OXO!

Disclaimer: I received a box of cleaning products from OXO in order to do this review, but that doesn't sway my opinion about the company. It's stinkin' awesome.