A Southern Grace: Cream Pie S'mores

Cream Pie S'mores


Serves 10-12

Using a small biscuit cutter, remove 10-12 rounds of cream pie from the pie. I started on the outside and worked my way in.
Place one jumbo marshmallow on 10-12 of the graham cracker halves, depending on how many circles of pie you obtain.
Microwave each marshmallow for 7-10 seconds only, watching closely. You just want them to be soft enough to squish and not exploding all over your microwave.
Place the round of pie on the remaining graham cracker halves, then press the graham cracker with the melted marshmallow on it right down atop the pie.
Push gently or aggressively, depending on how much mess you wish to make!
Eat immediately and enjoy!

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