A Southern Grace: putting grody grape nuts to good use

February 1, 2008

putting grody grape nuts to good use


No offense, Post, but Grape Nuts are gross.

I don't mean that maliciously, but to me, they need lots of help to make them edible.

I give you Exhibit A:

The back story is this: I got a coupon for a free box of Post's new twist on Grape Nuts called Trail Mix Crunch. There are apparently several varieties, and I got Maple Nut & Brown Sugar. Sounds great, right?

Uh...not so much. It was nowhere near as sweet as I was expecting and tasted downright stale. Now that I think of it, maybe it was stale. Hmm. Either way, I couldn't eat it.

I think I've mentioned before how much I hate for things to go to waste, so I set out to find some use for the little nuggets of nastiness. Luckily, I found a quick and easy bar recipe composed of ingredients I had in my cabinet.

The ingredients:

The cinnamon chips are my addition, just because they're simply wonderful and could only make the bars better.

See how boring and bland?

Ah, much better:

The bars took me about 5 minutes to make from start to finish, and they're really not that bad. Peanut butter does an awesome job of covering up the ickiness that is Grape Nuts. I will say (in an attempt to keep Post from suing me) that the cereal does provide a satisfying crunch and is packed with fiber, so it's not all bad.

Should I even bother submitting to TasteSpotting? Probably not, but I will.

Grape-Nuts Peanut Butter Bars
1 c light corn syrup
1 c sugar
3/4 c peanut butter
4 c Post Grape-Nuts cereal
1 c cinnamon chips

Mix corn syrup and sugar in large microwavable bowl. Microwave just until mixture boils, stirring every minute.
Add peanut butter and microwave until the peanut butter has melted; stir to combine.
Add cereal and chips; stir to coat well.
Press firmly into lined 13x9-inch baking pan and let cool. Cut into bars and rejoice.