A Southern Grace: a tribute...

January 15, 2008

a tribute...


...to Big Brother.

For some reason, everything I see online today is reminding me of the big fella.

Take this cake, for instance, which is reminiscent of his latest hobby:

Or how about these salt and pepper shakers, which are reminiscent of one of his old hobbies:

He likes eggs. He likes guns. Thus...

One last thing, a pi pie:

It reminds me of my calculus teacher more than anything else, but I can also associate it with BB.

I shall include these final pictures for the little brother so he doesn't feel left out. This is a special spaghetti plate with a little dip in the middle so you can twirl without a spoon! It may very well be his next birthday present:

Neat, right? It's a little bit too small for LB-sized portions though...