A Southern Grace: i love 2016.

December 30, 2016

i love 2016.


Some may remember 2016 with a bad taste in their mouths, but I'll always remember it as the year I wed the love of my life and saw what might be the most beautiful country in the world.

I also created some good posts, and this year, your favorites and my favorites aligned!

My love affair with plums (which lingers, though they're long out of season) was made evident, especially in the cinnamon plum cake above.

I tried something new in eggplant involtini and was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity and deliciousness!

This one was unexpected, though it's certainly worthy of praise--the Irish know how to make some amazingly creamy scrambled eggs!

I'm so proud of this milk bread--it was a new and challenging technique and one I'll continue to use and love!

I also had a peach obsession for a spell, and pairing them with chicken turned out to be magical.

I got on board the cereal milk train with this Fruity Pebbles pie--talk about a great trend! I hope it sticks around next year, and I hope you'll stick around too!

I have a feeling 2017 will be pretty fantastic.


Barbara said...

Love your top posts! I'll look back and pick out my favorites too.
Wishing you both a Happy 2017, Grace!

Angie's Recipes said...

You surely had a great year, Grace. Everything here looks so inviting and delicious. I wish you an amazing 2017!
p.s Something is missing here, Grace, your DOG!

grace said...

@Angie: You're absolutely right! Fixed. :)

Inger @ Art of Natural Living said...

Wow you did have a great year Grace! And now I'm hoping my baby plum trees fruit next year 'cause that cake looks scrumptious!

Marjie said...

You did have a wonderful year! And your recipes are always inviting, with terrific pictures to make us drool. And I'm glad Angie reminded you to add your dog; the post wouldn't have been the same. Happy New Year, Grace!

puppylovernorris said...

What a great and tasty year! My husband still talks about those scrambled eggs, thanks for such a fantastic recipe. I think we'll be starting our 2017 off with them :)

Cheri Savory Spoon said...

Great round-up Grace and I admire your positive attitude, Happy 2017!!!

~~louise~~ said...

Your enthusiasm for yesterday and tomorrow are infecticious Grace. 2016 was an exciting year for you and your new hubby Grace and I see 2017 being another adventuerous year. I'm loving the taste you left in our mouths and look forward to more creative ones in 2017. A Happy and healthy New Year to You and Yours Grace:)

april said...

Even though this year was so rough for me, I'm glad to see others had a good one.

Adina said...

Delicious recipes, I think the eggplant involtini would be my favorite.

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

You definitely had an outstanding 2016, and I certainly can't complain about my year either.
Here we come 2017!!