A Southern Grace: work on a saturday? how dare they!

January 26, 2008

work on a saturday? how dare they!


I had to work today. As if that weren't bad enough, I had to be there at 5. In the a.m. Good thing I'm an early riser--I knew that'd come in handy someday.

They were running some new wet cereals in production for the first time and we, the R&D (research and development) team, had to be there to make sure things went smoothly. (Of course, these products were conceived before my time here, so I was basically just observing. So when I say "our" or "we," I mean my boss and co-worker.) Any potential problems were brought to our attention and adjustments were made apace.

It was interesting. I enjoyed seeing how things run from batching all the way to filling, as well as meeting a lot of the factory workers. Of course, it was so freakin' loud in there (ear plugs are required...as well as hairnets, yikes!), I really couldn't hear a word they were saying to me. It's okay, I'm good at nodding and smiling.

For lunch, my boss took the R&D and QA (quality assurance) folks out for lunch. We went to a place in itty bitty Canajoharie called The Village Restaurant. I didn't have high expectations, and I'm sorry to say that they still weren't met. It's your typical greasy spoon diner, I guess, but it's certainly not worthy of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

For one thing, it was small and crowded. I suppose that's what one should expect in a diner, but I like serenity. Chaos makes me nervous. It wasn't particularly clean either, but again, I guess that adds to the diner ambiance...? I will say that the waitresses were very friendly and sweet and did a fine job.

I got a turkey sandwich; it was a poor choice. How could you possibly foul up a turkey sandwich, you ask? It came out on plain ol' white bread (who eats white bread anymore?) with the tiniest sliver of tomato and wilted lettuce.

Of course, I can't forget the lovely potato chips that came on the side. I'm really not a food snob, but it was pathetic. I could replicate it at home (although I wouldn't dare) for less than a dollar.

I was told after lunch that the only things worth getting at this particular diner were breakfast dishes (served all day). Thanks for the warning, guys.

Food: D+ (it was edible, after all)
Atmosphere: C (diners just aren't for me)
Service: A+