A Southern Grace: Raindancer Steak Parlour

January 29, 2008

Raindancer Steak Parlour


My boss invited me to join him, his wife, and his brother for dinner last night. My first thought was, "Oh Lordy, I hope this isn't a set-up."

[Sidenote: That makes me think of my dear grandma, who's endlessly trying to find me a husband, whether he's 60 or 10. Love her anyway.]

Turns out my boss was just being kind, as his brother is 55 and married. Whew.
We went to the Raindancer Steak Parlour ("Parlour," eh? How hoity-toity is that?) in Amsterdam, the nicest place in town as far as I know (and by nicest, I mean most expensive). Apparently, they're big on steak and fish, two sources of protein that don't really do it for me. I can be flexible though (contrary to popular belief, I'm not always a Goldilocks), and I felt confident that there would be something on the menu that I could devour.

Plus, you know, life isn't always all about food. Seriously, folks. This was clearly more about getting to know my boss better and being social. The nice meal was just an added bonus...

Anyway, my initial impression of the restaurant was not that it would serve expensive dishes. In fact, it wasn't very impressive at all--Applebee's has a better decor. But I reminded myself that one musn't judge a book by its cover.

We were seated promptly since we had reservations (which were completely unnecessary--there were only about 10 other tables occupied), and I checked out the menu. Cha-ching--it was indeed expensive. And almost entirely unappealing. Lots of fishies, lots of steaks, some veal (just can't do it), very little chicken, and no vegetarian. Boo.

I ended up picking an herb-roasted chicken salad, replete with sun-dried tomatoes (one of my favorite foods of all time), pine nuts, and roasted red peppers.

Anytime I see sun-dried tomatoes in a dish's description, that dish immediately moves to the top of my list of potentials. Unfortunately, I've found that the tart little slivers of love are often paired with mushrooms, which I abhor.

Not this time, hooray! It was a terrific salad, and I was pleased. I thought $11.50 was pretty steep, but what are you gonna do?

My boss got a petite sirloin and deemed it satisfactory. His wifey got a rack of ribs and said they were good. The brother got broiled scallops and never really remarked on them. So, all in all, there was clearly nothing to rave about.

Our waitress was nice enough, but we didn't see much of her. Is it normal for a dinner to stretch out for two hours? I didn't think so. I guess I really need to learn how to sit still for longer than an hour, especially when there's food involved...

Food: A
Atmosphere: C
Service: B

Final verdict: I'd only eat at the Raindancer Steak Parlour if someone else was paying.


lisa said...

I guess you're not worried about your boss stumbling across your blog? :o)

Christy said...

lisa read my mind....

Good Enough 2 Eat said...

So, you went to a steak restaurant and ordered chicken? That sounds just like me. : )

A. Grace said...

Thanks for looking out for me, Lisa and Christy! You could knock me over with a feather if my boss ever found his way onto my blog, so I'm not too worried about it(knock on wood).

Good Enough 2 Eat--yep, that's how I roll! :)