A Southern Grace: a noble goal

January 23, 2008

a noble goal


I have been rejected.


And I don't like it.

I've submitted the following two pictures to the powers-that-be at TasteSpotting.

I think they're decent photos. Granted, they might not induce spontaneous drooling, but they both look pretty darn tasty.

Neither of them were accepted.

That's another way of saying that they were found completely unworthy of posting.

That's like saying I'm a failure and I won't lie, it hurt my feelings.

I'm bound and determined to have one of my creations put up on that site, so my next epicurean endeavor will be intense. I haven't decided what to make yet, but it'll be decadent. And unique. And colorful--they seem to like color.

I will succeed.

In the meantime, any suggestions?


Nabeela said...

Try sending in your cheese picture.
P.S: Love your blog....glad I came across it :)

lil bro said...

The knowledge I retained from watching Top Chef with you leads me to suggest your presentation needs more pizazz.
Also, your photography could be more artistic (if you think that sort of thing would appeal to the powers that be at TasteSpotting)

Cathie said...

I have been rejected by Tastespotting at least 15 times, but the good news is I have been accepted 6 times!! So keep trying. And for the record I think those photos are great!
I found you on the Food BlogRoll!!