A Southern Grace: The Afghan Grill

December 12, 2007

The Afghan Grill


From time to time, I plan to go to new restaurants and review them. I shall critique the food, service, and atmosphere. When possible (and not entirely inappropriate and awkward), I will also take discreet pictures of my food. Prepare for review #1.

Many, many moons ago (back in November), one of the first things I did was seek out a restaurant with good Mediterranean food. I found one on my first try—The Afghan Grill in Latham (about 45 minutes away). I went for the very reasonably priced all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, which offered soooo much deliciousness. There was a dish called jujeh, an Afghani classic of saffron-marinated chicken with bone. (I would’ve liked this better had there been no bone involved, but it was good.) There was a wonderfully spiced ground beef dish called kofta, and it looked something like this (I didn't have a camera yet):

There were two vegetarian offerings (a tasty chickpea/potato concoction and a marvelous cauliflower/onion creation called gulpi--my favorite), as well as rice, salad, amazing hummus (I'm a sucker for good hummus), and fresh pita bread (good, but not as good as the best pita bread ever at More Than Coffee in Blacksburg...yum!). It was incredible. I truly could've gone back for 4 plates. I also got an appetizer because I’m on a squash kick and this sounded irresistible--roasted butternut squash in a yogurt-dill sauce (also known as kado borani).

Indeed, it was a scrumptious experience. I was the first and only patron until I was almost done, so the service was sensational. The decor was interesting and appropriate for an Afghan restaurant. The utensils, plates, tables, and floors were clean and the buffet was orderly. Things might be different two hours after opening, but I was completely satisfied and plan to return again and again (and try the baklava).

Food: A+
Service: A+
Atmosphere: A+