February 2, 2008

potato lovers unite!

February is National Potato Lover's Month, National Sweet Potato Month, AND 2008 is the International Year of the Potato! Isn't that marvelous?

In honor of this well-deserved recognition, I've compiled a few magnificent spud-centric pictures. Giddy up!

First, a tater fritter, made festive by a loverly pepper relish and cilantro (drool):

How's about some potato, corn, and leek pizza?

If my grandpa ate pizza (and there is NO chance of that...I'd keel over if I were to witness such a thing), I suspect those would be his choice toppings, as long as the leeks were actual onions and it all came from his garden.

To help us transition from regular taters to sweet taters, take a gander at these colorful little fellas...

...and these awesome homemade chips:

Yams and sweet potatoes--are they different or are they the same? I say, who cares? Either way, they're delicious...

...especially in cinnamon buns...

...and pound cake (with a cranberry walnut streusel, no less!):

YUMMY. They don't call me "Tater" for nothin'.
(And by "they," I mean my grandpa, and my grandpa alone.)
(Still counts.)