January 4, 2008

too much temptation in the morning...

I feel that I have been especially bombarded with tasty-looking concoctions today. Case in point--this butterscotch layer cake is now in the running to be the cake I make for my birthday this year:

Coming in second on the mouth-watering scale is this apple cake with caramel sauce:

I love me some cinnamon buns:

I have been inspired to undertake them during my next fling with Ebenezer.

And how can you pass up apple pie? Especially one that looks this tremendous:

Caramel cake? Yes, please.

Last, but most certainly not least, are these sticky buns, also something Ebenezer and I can and will create:

In a somewhat unrelated note, take a gander at this AWESOME new lego creation:

It's the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld! Ah, the combination of something I really enjoyed from my childhood with something I really enjoy now--spectacular.