January 8, 2008

tantalizing toffee

In honor of National English Toffee Day, I've compiled a few tempting pictures of some toffee-based desserts. Please get your drool buckets ready and enjoy.

We'll ease into it with your typical toffee--sugar, corn syrup, butter, water, and almonds, topped with chocolate:

I've never had sticky toffee pudding, but it looks good here...

...and here...

...and perhaps here:

Also easy on the eyes is this caramel toffee cheesecake:

I'll bet you've heard of this Southern classic, the name of which I will conveniently leave out lest an innocent child should stumble onto my blog:

This molasses spice cake with toffee is quite pretty:

Last (and most certainly least, in my opinion...) is this peculiar bacon toffee wedged in a pat of butter:

Oink oink.