January 12, 2008

serious sandwiches

I seem to be on an image-collecting kick. Sorry if it bores you, but rest assured, hearing about what's going on in Amsterdam at this point in time would bore you much more.

The pictures shall be sorted thusly--fun, curious, raunchy, and yummy.

First, the fun:
Yes, this is a piece of bacon sandwiched between two donuts:

Impressive, but I have to ask--what's the point? You're just going to disassemble it anyway:

The curious:
That's a slab of beef between two latkes. Vewy vewy intewesting...

I prefer my pancakes with syrup, but maybe that's just me:

The raunchy:
I feel that the muffuletta contains too much meat for any one person:

This here's a lot of pork barbecue, folks:

And this, my friends, is a deep fried bacon cheeseburger, also known as a heart attack on a plate.

Turkey, cranberries, hummus. Me likey:

Peanut butter roasted banana ice cream sandwiches. How delightful:

Now, please excuse me while I see what I can round up to place between two slabs of my beautiful bread...